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Gelometrics --- Gel Studio Gloves

Gelometrics are designed to protect your precious wrists and hands from pain during activities on your hands such as yoga, Pilates, Lagree, Spinning, and Cycling. At the core of this glove is a proprietary engineered PVC grip that offers extreme traction and stability on floors, handbars, megaformers, and reformers.


The hand has 32 muscles which move the fingers and thumb, 3 major nerves, 27 bones, and 123 ligaments. Your hands will be well guarded from pain!

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The gel cushion absorbs shock and stabilizes the body. A stable hand ensures proper alignment and form during your practice.

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Gel Insert

Our patent pending silicone gel inserts provide relief from wrist pain and numbness.

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Plenty of traction here!  Aggressive PVC ink grip provides traction, stability and security on any surface (even wet).

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Neoprene material contours to your hand. Open-knuckles and cropped fingers allow for flexibility. Velcro closure adjusts for a custom fit.

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We are super stylish in addition to the hi-tech functionality. Our designs are on point and will seriously up your gym swag.

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